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The world is full of talented people and it isn’t hard to find a company with the technical expertise to pull off a solid marketing campaign. What is difficult is finding a group of “creative types” whose communication style and work ethic give you confidence, and whose corporate culture is in line with yours. At HomeRun Creative Services, we specialize in Television, Websites, Print, Apps, Social Media and P.R.  We approach each assignment with fresh eyes.  Every project has its own set of challenges and as we move from one situation to the next, we know we have to be prepared to run the gamut of budgets, deadlines and technical challenges.

We also appreciate that depending on the size of the company, the project could be managed by a seasoned committee or a single frazzled owner who is being pulled in a hundred directions. We work with virtually every size company, from large corporations to mom-and-pop businesses. Regardless, success comes with good communication and when customer service remains a priority.


We would be more than happy to tell you all about our equipment…right down to the serial numbers of our DSLR cameras. But something tells us, you just want assurance that we’re shooting and editing in HD. We are. In fact, we are up to date on all things technical. And if there is a gadget or doohickey that will make your production even better – if we don’t have it, we can get it.


You can’t overestimate the value of a good website. We know how important it is. It’s your brand, your voice, your storefront, and it’s your chance to make a first impression. We get it. Look at what we did for these clients…


Customized apps go beyond mobile versions of your web page and can be a true differentiator for your brand.  HomeRun Creative Services has the knowledge and experience to design, program and launch an app that will give you the competitive edge.  Some of the successful apps we’ve created are the “When In” series (which currently includes “When in Wmsvl” and “When in Clarence”) and “The Elder Care Resource App ~ brought to you by Brown Chiari.”  Apps for medical and dental practices and festival apps are also currently  in development.


Arguably one of the most satisfying and challenging aspects of our offerings is logo design. Being able to successfully articulate the essence of a brand through graphic design means that we fully understand that brand, its mission and its vision, its message and its target. What better place to begin telling your story, than through your logo. Once we get that right, you can bet we “get you.” Beyond logo development, we offer full service design as well. Brochures, flyers, event posters, newspaper, magazine, billboards, coffee table books – been there. Done that. Bought the T-shirt. (Oh yeah…designed the t-shirt too.)


Has Facebook gotten away from you? Are you locked out of LinkedIn? Is Twitter French to you? Are you wondering if Pinterest is of any interest to you or more importantly, your clients? We can sort it out… with a plan… so you can see real results.


Like spinning straw into gold, a well written press release put in front of the right eyeballs at local or national media outlets, can bring your event or announcement publicity you just can’t buy. Those opportunities are everywhere, once you have the right team helping you find them!

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